Arthur Chang




a storm is coming

in the middle of july in california, I am wearing two winter jackets at once, and a beanie. check out the ridiculous clouds coming over the top of san francisco!


another for my 52 week project

paint me


Dreams are always true

Moment of Thought

I often forget to take a moment and think. Not just thinking about tasks at hand, but quickly stepping back and looking at life as a whole. I'm always surprised at how happy I can/should be in the grand scheme of things. There's always the mysterious, and occasionally petty, feelings and emotions that always keep our hearts hanging low, but take a moment for yourself and think. Lots of tough questions around work has been going on. As you might know, I'm an entrepreneur at heart, engineer by trade. I love ideas, I love potential, and I love to work to achieve that potential. That being said, the path is not all beautiful and elegant. Every day is a roller coaster. On the engineering side, there are problems, hiccups, and "OH SH*T" moments, but then there are the "OMG this is awesome, people are going to love this." Then there's all the business stuff, deals falling through, issues with making money, losing money, bombing on a decision you thought was bulletproof. Lots of downs there. And then there are the moments when you know it's all worth it, when a customer tells you how their lives have been changed (for the better) because of what we have built, and how we're making a positive impact on this world. This crazy dynamic is tough to go through, and even though I always say how proud and excited I am, it really takes a hit on me mentally. Photography helps me get away from it all. I take a moment and use my left and right brains in a totally different way. Creativity in engineering is not all that different, but there are small differences that help a lot. Took thirty minutes to take a quick shot of the lighting coming through my french doors in my home office today after a few conference calls.

Passing through

Latest photo trip to Death Valley yielded some amazing photo ops. Big props to Thomas Hawk for organizing.



Jurassic Park


14/52 Ready for Display

More than just my photos, I've been working hard on getting a lot of our new redesigns and features launched at work. This week has been all about polish and preparation. It's exciting but also a lot of work.


Self portrait to test out some new lighting.