Arthur Chang


That SF Tree

A murdered tree on Mount Davidson. An unfortunate but beautiful scene.

Model Shoot under the bridge

Had a great day doing model shoots with Kathlyn and Traci today! Here's a 30 second exposure of us running around. Done with 9 stop neutral density + circular polarizer stacked.


Highest place in Europe


The beautiful and alien world of Death Valley, CA.

Sea of Clouds

Sea of Clouds made Mount Diablo's summit look like an island.

Smooth bay


Mavericks 8-12 year old surf competition

Bad Water

Went way off the main route to grab this untouched part of Bad Water in Death Valley, CA.

watching for the wave

World's Layers

Recently Andreas Gursky's photo fetched over $4 million at a Christie's auction ( Inspired by his style, I decided to go and try to shoot something with my own twist. How did I do?



Bonsai Tree Rock

One of the toughest places to get to, no trails, no markers, just have to scramble down a rocky / sandy slope to find these bonsais.

Salt Ponds


City Shore

Chicago, IL

San Francisco's Financial District

I turn to the city for inspiration

South Side

Found myself on the south side of the western span of the San Francisco Bay Bridge today. It's quite a slide down to this spot. Tons of sand, only to be stopped by iceplant. I think iceplant isn't even a native plant, but thank goodness, without it I would've slid right into the bay.

Shores of Light

Chicago, IL

The other side of Lombard St.

San Francisco's treasured Lombard St. extends even further out than the twisties. Here's a glimpse of it!


Make a wish

Shooting star, top right =)






Piers for birds




This is school

This is where I went to school, believe it or not, at UC Santa Barbara. Attended college there from 2001 - 2005 and graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science. This was my first visit back in a long time. Nostalgic. Also amazing to look back and see the place that made me who I am today. Play hard... work sometimes...











The City Below

From the top of Twin Peaks in San Francisco, CA.

Fallen Trees and People

The Fires of the Horizon

walk the wall

Model: Laura Lawson


Yah... I'd say it was pretty super. I've had a few weekends packed with photography, and I absolutely loved it. This weekend I didn't really have much planned. I was hoping to go over to a friend's ranch, but then had a meeting in San Francisco yesterday. I decided to organize a little get together with a few friends to shoot around Golden Gate bridge as well as meetup with a bunch of other photographers in the marin headlands. We started off at the Vista Point at the north end of Golden Gate Bridge. I met up with +Leslie Sigala, +Abel Lin, and +Jon Bauer. We walked across part of the bridge, and then back. Then drove up to the headlands to try to find parking somewhere near Battery Spencer, but once we got there realized that would be impossible. There were hundreds and hundreds of photographers all lined up in the headlands. It was an incredible sight. I tried to meetup with +Andrew Ng but alas, it would have been impossible. I illegally parked with the other hundred other cars illegally parked on the road in the bike lane, and just setup my tripod right next to the car. I really had no idea what to expect, and for awhile we didn't even know which way the moon was going to rise from. +Jon Bauer's willy nilly moon app wasn't great, but +Abel Lin found one that gave us the exact position. Anyway, I didn't have any 400mm+ lens, so I just took one with my 85mm =) My iPhone photos came out pretty cool though, but this one does a little more justice. My dumb circular polarizer kind of screwed the sky up a bit, but I think it came out pretty good. A little purple due to my white balance being set a little strangely. My Lightroom 4 keeps crashing when I tweak it, so alas, this is what it will stay at. Great to spend the supermoon evening with superfriends =)


San Francisco from Yerba Buena Island

Yerba Buena island rocks. I've been going there and Treasure Island for photos since 2005, and have always thought of it as one of the most inspiring locations for photography. It has fantastic westward views of the San Francisco skyline, the bay itself, and has a pretty kick-butt western span of the bay bridge. Then there's the abandoned navy stuff everywhere, the incredible graffiti pool, the cool courtyard of Sage Hall, and the awesome textures on the buildings near the Bowling alley. But never have I tried to hike down to deck level, or even below for a westward photo of the bay bridge and sf skyline. Lawrence has been aching to hit that spot for months now, and at the same time I saw +Toby Harriman's awesome shots from the 4th of July in similar spots as well. It was a calling to finally try to get to these places. +Lawrence Lau +Jon Bauer and I trekked down under the road (onramps to the bay bridge) towards the tower, and found a great rope down to a fantastic vantage point. We decided to stop here for sunset and beyond. There were no paths, trails, etc. We even hit a bunch of bees and lawrence got stung, yikes. It was a difficult climb, but totally worth it. My first shots with the new D800e deserved such a journey! The photos were cool, but the story behind it really takes the cake


Napa Valley

It's incredible how diverse the San Francisco Bay Area is. Only 45 minutes away and you're in the gorgeous Napa Valley wine country. It's a whole different world up there. Had a great time hanging out with a group comprised of Google Plus photographers, Flickr, and Instagram. So much fun seeing all the different groups interact and collaborate. One thing is for sure, we all loved the sunset ;)


Sunrise at Bernal Heights Park

This morning's sunrise was spectacular. This is from Bernal Heights in San Francisco, CA. This was tough, waking up so early for a sunrise, and climbing up steep slopes (without trails) in the dark. But totally worth it, as I look down on the path that most people take.

Oh hello

This version is too small, but you can actually see car light trails.

Before the rising sun

From Lower Slacker Hill looking over Battery Spencer and San Francisco early this morning before sunrise.

Good Morning San Francisco

Diablo Sunrise

Tilden Sunrise


The Vineyard Watch

On our way to Mendocino, California for the #seetreat photo trip with my photography friends, we stopped by a random vineyard and found this incredible tree on a hill.

Happy Christmas Eve

Pre-dawn in the Marin Headlands is magical. Had a great morning shooting with Tony, Karen, and Skye!


Sure I've done a lot of sunrises lately, but don't forget all the accompanying sunsets that happen as well.

Shadows of the city

Sunset hit the buildings at a perfect angle.

Surfing San Francisco

Winter surfing in SF. These kids are brave.


Walkers on the beach


More low tide shots


A few posts in the sand.

Highway 5

I always remembered highway 5 being desolate and boring... boy was I wrong!

Blue Sunset over the Lake

A bit after the sun set, the lake turned a beautiful blue

Sunset Pier

Found a beautiful pier in South Lake Tahoe during sunset.

Tahoe Blue

Lake Tahoe's calm waters after sunset.

Angel's Wings

Sunset clouds over Angel Island

Next Time

Went up to Slacker Hill to shoot the Grand Lighting of The Bay Lights and took this shot as a test shot before the rain came in and totally drenched everything. The rain was so bad that you could barely see the bridge. Next time I'll get the lights without the rain! What a fun outing though with SO MANY from Google+, Flickr, Facebook, and Instagram communities. Love seeing all my usual friends and meeting so many new photographers. Definitely a night to remember in memories.


Dyrhólaey in Iceland. Beautiful black ash beach, photo from my recent photo shoot for Land Rover USA. More photos on my blog:

Silver City

San Francisco Skyline

Sunrise Shadows

Low fog and a beautiful morning hike yields some exceptional sunrise landscapes.

Island Sunset

Sunset over the tips of Mount Tamalpais

Fog Island

Another in the series of island in clouds photos.


If the clouds were the seas, the world would look like this.

Morning fog

Beautiful layers of fog in the morning in the east bay hills

Sea of Clouds

The fog has been a delight lately

Diablo Sunrise

Another Mount Diablo sunrise

Diablo Sunrise

Full force fire at sunrise on Mount Diablo

Diablo Burns at Sunrise

Mount Diablo fire pre-dawn

Milky Way and Car

Milky way is cool, but when you can get a reflection off something like a rental car, that's even better!

Golden Glow

Fall in Montréal is amazing

Autumn Path

Great path through the trees

Autumn Leaves

Just a dense fall forest

Green Autumn

Greener part of the arboretum

Autumn Montréal

Amazing autumn colors in Arboretum Morgan

First Snow

Green Mountain National Forest, Vermont

Nature's Spotlight

Beautiful view on the foothills of Green Mountain

The Trio

Finished up work early today, and headed out to Mount Tamalpais for sunset. Met with my good friends for a great cardio intensive walk up to this gorgeous vantage point. You may have seen this view with a sea of fog, but it was a rare clear day with an amazing sky of high clouds. It’s not often I have the trio of the hills and rocks, matched with a beautiful still sea and wispy beautiful clouds int he sky.

Hazy Peaks

Hazy Peaks Mount Tamalpais towards San Francisco // Nikon D800e + Nikon 85/1.4 Soon after the sun set, I noticed the northern perspective from Mount Tamalpais was hitting ridiculous levels of epicness. I jumped down a rock onto a huge rattlesnake skin, screamed a little, and got this shot. The peaks of the hills around San Francisco were floating. It was beautiful.

City by the Bay

The San Francisco Bay Area as viewed from the east bay hills in Berkeley, CA

Fog Rays

Foggy rays at Vollmer Peak this morning at sunrise.

Layers of Ocean

Slightly long exposure of the clouds below Mount Tamalapais

Mountain Oceans

Long exposure over Bolinas Fairfax Ridge


Mount Haleakala // Nikon D800e + Zeiss 21/2,8 On a second trip up to Mount Haleakala, we decided to try shooting in the bright moonlight. The lens flare, milky way, clouds, and the road were a perfect setting for the evening. This was one super long exposure, minor white balance edits, and Issa driving the rental down the road from the summit for us to capture the shot.

Bonsai Tree

Whenever I come to Lake Tahoe, I do my best to visit one of my favorite spots on the lake: the Bonsai Tree rock. It seems to be a better known and traveled location now, with rough paths leading down the side of the windy road. Even with the huge storm and news about surfing on the crazy storm winds on the lake, it was fairly calm when we arrived. But within an hour, a huge storm rolled in. We went from a blue sky day, to a roaring freezing storm that eventually covered the lake. This shot was the last you could see of the mountains in the distance before we were enveloped in wind, cloud, and snow.

Cloudy Tree

One of my favorite solo trees on Mount Tamalpais. Thanks to the lovely Issa for standing so still beside it.

Perfect Storm

Checked the web cams, doppler radar, and weather reports. Clear horizon, thunderstorms, and a beautiful view from Mount Tamalpais. Grabbed my camera, jumped in the car, and sped up here for the shot. Glad I decided to go, it was a beautiful sight.


Chasing sunset, but discovered this beautiful VW instead.

Mountain Frame

I knew there wouldn't be any fog this evening, and tasked myself to find a good shot framed by some natural leaves before I even got up to the mountain. I think this worked out well!


Cotton Candy

Cloud Road

The perfect situation after many years of visiting this spot finally came together. For just cresting over the Bolinas Fairfax ridge road, right at sunset.