Arthur Chang


The architecture at Walt Disney Concert Hall is incredible. I know this has probably been photographed so much, but it's new to me.

Point to the Moon

From Below

It's always hard for me to find cool and unique views of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. It's such a beautiful and iconic landmark, and rightly so. A week ago, on the rare chance that the fog had not rolled in yet, I climbed my way with a few friends over rock and fence to the bottom of the south tower. What a beautiful sight! We stayed until sunset photographing this beautiful and amazing place.

Fences suck, unless they're used for photos

Fences are the worst for photographers, especially this one blocking a perfectly awesome shot of the bridge. Glad someone broke a hole here. I decided to focus on the fence and shoot at f/2.8 with my Zeiss 21. The results came out well!



It's hard to find a unique vantage point of San Francisco's amazing skyline, but I discovered a fantastic spot on a lesser known road above highway 280.

Cypress Framed Gold

The most magical places exist all around where we live, all it takes is perpetual exploration.

Happy Christmas Eve

Pre-dawn in the Marin Headlands is magical. Had a great morning shooting with Tony, Karen, and Skye!


The bay bridge going west from Oakland to San Francisco is a fantastic sight at sunset during rush hour. Red tail lights only makes for quite a scene.


Beautiful pre-sunrise light today at Battery Spencer, just north of San Francisco, CA


Piers have such a cool contrast with modern day cities. I used a Hoya 9 stop neutral density filter for this shot, and somehow it changed the color to this weird green tint. I like weird!

Sunrise over Downtown LA

Great meeting a bunch of great photographers at Griffiths Observatory at sunrise on Sunday. And as always, awesome to hang with Pete!

Next Time

Went up to Slacker Hill to shoot the Grand Lighting of The Bay Lights and took this shot as a test shot before the rain came in and totally drenched everything. The rain was so bad that you could barely see the bridge. Next time I'll get the lights without the rain! What a fun outing though with SO MANY from Google+, Flickr, Facebook, and Instagram communities. Love seeing all my usual friends and meeting so many new photographers. Definitely a night to remember in memories.

Sleepy Morning

Early morning on Mt Davidson over San Francisco

The Bay Lights

The Bay Lights on the SF Bay Bridge

Silver City

San Francisco Skyline

Piano over the city

Friday night, found a piano, people playing, singing, and enjoying a beautiful evening over the city.

Heath Ceramics Factory

Story Here:

City by the Bay

The San Francisco Bay Area as viewed from the east bay hills in Berkeley, CA

Look South for Gold

I've been under, on, beside this beauty, but never straight on from the north. Today's hike was perfect.

Towards the City

Happy Holidays! Took a great Christmas Eve hike today with my dad, Lawrence, and David. I've been meaning to take a photo from this spot for a long time now, and finally got here thanks to David's suggestion. Best way to spend Christmas eve! Hope everyone had a great day.